ILSC (English)(Done)

I LS SE  443 University Ave, 3rd Floor, Toronto
St. Patrick 1 minute on foot
Establishment 2000 The number of students 1,050 (summer)   630 (winter) Number of instructors 90 
Number of classrooms 63 1 class number of people Average 13 people Maximum 15 people Japanese staff Yes
Nationality ratio
Japan Korea Other Asia Middle East Latin America Europe Other
summer 13% 27% 7% 3% 32% 15% 3%
winter 10% 23% 8% 2% 41% 7% 9%
School facilities · Lounge · PC lounge · Kitchen · Refrigerator · Microwave · Vending machine · PC (80 units) · Wi-Fi
Courses · Basic English (ESL) Level 1-10
· Speaking · Business English · TOEIC · TOEFL · IELTS · Cambridge · TESL · Preparatory Course · Co-op etc …
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ilsc 1
ILSC is founded in 1991 and is one of Canada’s most multicultural language schools where students gather from more than 40 countries.
Ideal Learning in a Multicultural Environment

ILSC’s philosophy is based on the idea that motivation for learning comes only when one learns what he/she is interested in. ILSC offers the most flexible curriculum that has the highest number of choices in Canada, and it aims at enhancing one’s learning ability through offering flexible class options and creating a curriculum according to individual’s interests.

ILSC is one of the largest and most diverse language schools in Toronto, and it is where students from all over the world attend the classes everyday. Because ‘English Only Policy’ is thoroughly enforced in the school, it offers an environment where students can enhance their English proficiency with classmates and friends on a regular basis. School counselors from various countries are stationed at ILSC to provide care to students, so even the new English learners feel comfortable in school.

What features ILSC’s curriculum is that it is a fully selective system that allows students to flexibly organize programs  from a wide range of electives according to their needs. Class hours can be set to 3 hours, 4.5 hours, or 6 hours, based on individual’s schedule and students can choose their courses from as many as 130 elective subjects. English level is tested upon enrollment and every 4 weeks, and you will be able to select various specialized courses as your level goes up. You can also arrange classes to overcome your weaknesses such as pronunciation and speaking, and you can choose classes to study your area of interest in English.

ilsc 2ILSC is an ideal place for those who want to learn English intensively and enjoy a high volume of homework. Also, Greystone College, a vocational school attached to ILSC offers a wide range of specialized programs including featured TESOL programs and Co-op programs.

Spending with with classmates doing numerous extracurricular activities after school is also the substantial part of ILSC. Besides, it offers excursions every weekend, and it is also an opportunity to enhance your English skills while interacting with many students from other classes.

The ILSC Toronto school is located in the center of downtown and it offers excellent facilities. There are 61 classrooms in the beautiful school building covered with stainless glass, 3 computer labs, 5 student lounges, unlimited Wi-Fi, fully equipped kitchen, all of which will make the language school an ideal space for learning and relaxation. ILSC is located in front of the subway station St Patrick Station where you can find restaurants, cafes and shopping mall to enrich your lunch break and time after school school. Therefore, ILSC is a school recommended for those who want to study abroad through interacting with international students from all over the world and enhance their English skills both inside and outside the classroom.


Courses Offered

pic 2The ILSC curriculum is a fully selective system and can create tailor-made classes from more than 130 subjects. In addition, specialized course for long-term international students is offered at Graystone College. Thus, ILSC offers opportunities that are beyond English learning. Each elective course a ILSC can be changed every session (4 weeks). Courses to be taken in the next session will be determined according to their eligibility and through consulting with the academic advisor.

English / French Communication
Speaking Dynamics
Speaking Excellence
Discussion Circle
 Academic & Test Prep
Academic Preparation
TOEFL Preparation
TOEIC Preparation
Business English
International Business Practices
International Business Practices
Business Management
& Human Resources
Small Business
Advertising & Design
E-Business & Web Design
Global Social Issues
International Current Events
People & Places Through Time
Creative English – Storytelling
Creative English – Writing to Speaking
English Through Acting / Drama *
English Through Filmmaking *
 1.5 Hour SKILLS Courses
Listening for Professionals
Public Speaking
University Preparation
TOEFL Speaking Skills
Business Culture
Business Presentation Skills
Business Writing
Business Interview Skills
Business English Cambridge
Media Studies
Advertising and Media
Event & Convention Management
English for Travel & Hospitality
Canadian Studies
English Through Film & Video
English Through Yoga
English Through Art
English Through Comedy
English Through Filmmaking
Street Talk
English Through Photography
Living English Through Personal Growth

Class Schedule

Morning Schedule

Month fire water wood Money
09: 00-12: 00 
There is a 15-minute break on the way
Elective subject 
English Communication, Academic Preparation 
IELTS, TOEFL, Business English … etc
12: 00-13: 00 lunch break
13: 00-14: 30 Elective subject 
Conversation, Grammar, Listening, Reading, Pronunciation, Vocabulary, Writing 
TOEIC Business English, University Prep … etc
14: 30-14: 45 break
14: 45-16: 00 Elective subject 
Conversation, Grammar, Listining, Reading, Pronunciation, Vocabulary, Writing 
TOEIC Business English, University Prep … etc

Afternoon Schedule

Month fire water wood Money
13: 00-14: 30 1 Skills 
elective course
14: 30-14: 45 break
14: 45-16: 00 3 hour course
16: 00-16: 15 break
16: 15-19: 30 3 hour course

Night Schedule 

Month fire water wood Money
17: 00-19: 00 IELTS, Business English, Conversation
19: 00-19: 15 break
19: 15-20: 00 IELTS, Business English, Conversation